Examination of relationship between teachers' loneliness at workplace and their life satisfaction


  • Ercan Yılmaz Selçuk University
  • Hüseyin Arslan Ministry of National Education




This research aims to examine teachers' life satisfaction level and their loneliness at workplace according to some variables. It also aims to find out predictive role and its level of teachers' loneliness at workplace on their life satisfaction. Research is carried out in accordance with relational screening model and 402 primary school teachers who are working in Ankara during 2012-2013 academic year and selected from 35 primary schools by use of disproportionate cluster sampling method constitutes the sample of the research. The data is collected with ''the scales of loneliness at workplace and life satisfaction'' and tested by making use of multiple regression technique. The differentiation levels in terms of teachers' life satisfaction and their loneliness at workplace, their sexes, marital status, attendance to concerted social activities out of school and union membership are analysed using T test. Research findings indicate that while there is not a significant difference between teachers' loneliness level at workplace with respect to marital status in the dimension of emotional deprivation, there is a meaningful diffrence in the dimension of social friendship. Single teachers feel themselves lonelier at workplace than married ones in social friendship dimension. According to marital status variable, life satisfaction levels show significant difference in favor of married teachers. Moreover, between the points of teachers' life satisfaction and the points of their loneliness at workplace in the dimensions of emotional deprivation and social friendship, there is meaningful negative way relationship. It is also inferred that there is a meaningful opposite relationship between emotional deprivation dimension of teachers' loneliness at workplace and social friendship dimension of their life satisfaction.


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Yılmaz, E., & Arslan, H. (2013). Examination of relationship between teachers’ loneliness at workplace and their life satisfaction. Pegem Eğitim Ve Öğretim Dergisi, 3(3), 59-69. https://doi.org/10.14527/C3S3M6