Identifying The Areas For English Language Teacher Development: A Study Of Assessment literacy

  • Kağan Büyükkarcı Sinop University
Keywords: Assessment literacy, Language assessment, English language teacher


Assessing foreign language learning has been considered an indispensable part of language learning process for a long time, especially for the last two decades. Therefore, there is a growing need for language teachers to be more competent in the area of language testing. Keeping in mind that teacher assessment literacy is a key factor in the success of teaching, this study investigates assessment literacy levels of foreign language teachers, and also it seeks to find out whether year of experience and post-graduate education make any difference in language teachers' assessment literacy. Data were collected from in-service teachers, both working for ministry of education and universities by using "assessment literacy inventory". The results indicate that these foreign language teachers have a very low level of assessment literacy. Besides, contrary to other studies, year of experience and post-graduate studies do not really add on teachers' assessment literacies.


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