Trainee counselors’ experiences of receiving psychological help




This study aimed to understand what trainee counselors, who received psychological help, were experiencing in the counseling process and how this process was related to their personal and professional development. The participants consisted of eight trainee counselors who were fourth graders with two of them being male and six female. In order to determine how trainee counselors understand the experience of receiving psychological help, the phenomenological design for qualitative research was used and the data was obtained through semi-structured interview technique. Content analysis was used to analyze the data. The findings were organized under the categories of "psychological help-seeking process," "experience of being a client," and "achievements of receiving psychological help." As a result of the study, it was found that the trainee counselors realized the need for psychological help and tried to reach resources of professional psychological help. While it was comfortable and secure to sit in the counseling chair, it was also stressful. Also, knowing the psychological counseling process influenced their counseling experience and they made some personal and professional achievements during this process. Findings are discussed and interpreted in light of literature, and some suggestions are presented.


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Kocaayan, F., & Koçyiğit Özyiğit, M. (2018). Trainee counselors’ experiences of receiving psychological help. Pegem Journal of Education and Instruction, 8(3), 407–438.