Validity and reliability study of the Web Based Listening Comprehension Test


  • M. Bahaddin Acat Osmangazi University
  • Hilmi Demiral
  • Mehmet Fatih Kaya



The purpose of this study is to examine validity and reliability of the web based test designed to measure listening skills of the 5th graders. The test's content validity supplied 27 of 36 listening objectives described in the curriculum for the 5th graders' Turkish course. After, the constructs were prepared for measuring if the students can gain the listening objectives. Firstly 56 items were prepared. Then two experts working on the fields of Turkish instruction and two experts working on the fields of measurement and evaluation were asked for their opinion about content validity. After making necessary corrections proposed by the experts, eventually, 41 items were left in the test and pilot studies were conducted. KR-20 and Cronbach Alpha coefficients were estimated both being as .77 in an attempt to determine internal consistency of the test. The reliability coefficient calculated by means of Spearman-Brown prophecy formula was found as .80. Such findings point out that the test is reliable. It was also observed during the study that students tend to have higher motivation and concentration level when they engage in web based systems. Therefore, it could be said that web-based environments could be used for measuring and evaluating language skills.


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Acat, M. B., Demiral, H., & Kaya, M. F. (2013). Validity and reliability study of the Web Based Listening Comprehension Test. Pegem Eğitim Ve Öğretim Dergisi, 3(3), 01-10.