Opinions of teachers about orientation and preparation activities


  • Aslı Gündoğan Çögenli Uşak University
  • Aybüke Uçansoy Uşak University




The main purpose of this study is to determine the teachers' opinions about orientation and preparation activities. The data of the study in which qualitative research method is used is confined by semi-structure interview with ten primary school teachers. In the process of analyzing the data, description-analyze method has been used. In the research, some themes including activity, time, student, preparing for other courses, teacher, parents and suggestions have been reached. Sub-themes and codes belonging to the each theme have been identified and some example views are taken place by quoting from teachers to explain the codes which are identified. As a result of the research, teachers notified that activities are simple and also inadequate for preparing students for the other lessons and time is inadequate and unplanned as well, and they also emphasized that the activities are difficult for students, and finally, due to their class-roles, teachers commented that they have some difficulties on class-management and they also commented on some different attitudes of parents.


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Gündoğan Çögenli, A., & Uçansoy, A. (2014). Opinions of teachers about orientation and preparation activities. Pegem Eğitim Ve Öğretim Dergisi, 4(1), 01-26. https://doi.org/10.14527/pegegog.2014.001