From the Editor in Chief


  • Ahmet Doganay




Dear producers and consumers of knowledge,

I would like to share my happiness to be with you once again with the first issue of Pegem  Journal  of Education and Instruction (PEGEGOG) in 2021. As the editör in chief of the PEGEGOG, which I have continued with great honor and happiness for about 9 years; I have always shared with you the excitement and joy of publishing every new issue of the journal. However, the excitement and happiness I experienced in the publication of this issue was bitter. Due to the change in the publisher of PEGEGOG, I am leaving my post of editor in chief.

As a common platform where knowledge producers and consumers meet in all fields of educational science, we aimed to contribute to both theoretical knowledge about education literature and the solution of educational problems in practice in Pegem Education and Instruction (PEGEGOG) Journal. In this way, we devotedly continued to be a reliable and respected source of information for researchers who produce knowledge on educational sciences and practitioners who use the produced knowledge by publishing qualified research results on all kinds of education at national and international level. I believe that the journal will continue its efforts to achieve these goals in the international platform.

Pegem Education and Instruction (PEGEGOG) which has made rapid progress under ten years has accomplished to be indexed in important and prestigious international indexes such as E-SCI, Eric, Scopus etc.  Today, PEGEGOG has become a publication which has been indexed in internationally reputable indexes such as E-SCI, Eric, Scopus and where many knowledge producers are waiting in line to publish their research. Many people have had their devoted efforts and contributions in bringing the journal to this point. With your permission,  I would like to thank them when I say goodbye.

First of all, I would like to thank Pegem Akademie, the owner and publisher of the journal, for the financial support in the publication of the journal and the free and independent working  environment that provided for as editorial team.  I would like to express my gratitude to my dear friend, the founding editor of the journal, Prof. Dr. Emin Karip and his colleague, my dear friend Dr. Hüseyin Şirin for their efforts in the establishment of the journal and the unique legacy they left us.  I would like to express my endless thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Dinçer for his invaluable efforts and contribution as the person who contributed most to this journal's achievement. I also would like to extend my gratitude to all editors and scientific board members for their valuable contributions to our journal, and to our dear referees who devotedly evaluate the articles by taking their time between their busy work. Just as there is no school without students, the journal has no meaning without an author. That’s why endless thanks to all our authors for choosing PEGEGOG as their platform for sharing their valuable research results.

I pay my respects with the hope that Pegem Education and Instruction (PEGEGOG) Journal will continue to successfully share the original knowledge produced on the international platform with a wider audience of knowledge consumers.



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